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Indoor Air Pollution Meter

IAP-meterTo improve the ease and accuracy of field-testing, Aprovecho designed the Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) Meter. The ultra-portable, small-size meter can be worn in a backpack with a sampling point near the nose and mouth of the user. The resulting carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM2.5) measures give us an accurate assessment of personal exposure.

The IAP Meter is intended to be easy to use, requiring little training or specialized skills. A sample rate switch allows the user to measure an air sample every 10 seconds, every minute, or every 10 minutes. These measurements are automatically stored in an SD memory card for later transfer to a computer. No connection to a computer is necessary to launch or read the meter, and the accompanying automated data processing and analysis is straightforward. The IAP Meter can log data for up to 30 days.

In 2013 we began developing a system that can be easily constructed to use the IAP Meter to capture total stove emissions. The system has proved to be highly accurate for measuring relative changes in stove design. Here you will find the specifications for this system (click here for the 5000 series). See a diagram of this system below.

The IAP Meter generates scientifically valid data when used for the following standard procedures:


Water Boiling Test (WBT) – This controlled test takes place in a laboratory or test kitchen; different stove models are measured in the same room.

Controlled Cooking Test (CCT) – The tester asks local cooks to prepare a common meal on both the traditional and improved stoves while measuring the air quality in the room or the exposure to the cook.

Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) – Once a stove design performs well in the WBT and CCT, a KPT is performed on stoves that have been disseminated. In this test, a random sample of cooks with the new stove are asked to allow air quality or exposure measurements for several days at a time before and after installation of the new stove. In this way, real-world use of the stove is measured without tester intervention.

The IAP Meter is calibrated against and has been shown to produce readings as accurate as a nephelometer, a device used in high-level laboratories. These light-scattering PM measuring instruments favor particles of a smaller size, effectively measuring PM2.5 and below.


Performance metrics

Resolution: 25 u g/m3 PM2.5, 1.0 ppm CO

Maximum Concentration = 60,000 ug/m3 PM2.5, 1,000 ppm CO



Dimensions: 13 x 20 x 8 cmWeight: 860 g
Power: 120/220 VAC battery charger
For more information, visit our IAP Meter Specifications Information
For the 5000 series specifications, visit IAP Meter Specifications 5000 series
Price: see price list
If you have specialized data acquisition needs that further our goals of cleaner air, improved fuel efficiency, and better science for the world's poor, call or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for a price quotation on a customized IAP Meter.



Currently the IAP Meter records data is on an SD card, which is processed later when back from the field. In 2013 Aprovecho plans to release the IAPM-3G which will transmit live emissions data via 3G cellular networks, allowing users to analyze data remotely. The processing software consists of a simple spreadsheet that incorporates and processes data. We offer a version with macros and a version without macros.


IAP Meter Processing 11.11 can be used for all 1000-4000 Series meters:

IAP Meter Processing 5.0 is for 5000 Series meters:

IAP Meter Processing 5.0

These spreadsheets contain Macros, and therefore require a PC with Microsoft Excel and Macros  enabled in the security settings. This software can process up to 40,000 lines of data.


The following spreadsheets do not contain Macros:

IAP Meter Processing 11.11 Macro-Free is for Series 1000-4000 meters

IAP Meter Processing - Macro Free v. 11.11

IAP Meter Processing 5.0 Macro-Free is for Series 5000 meters

IAP Meter Processing 5.0 Macro-Free

They are compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux with Microsoft Excel or other similar spreadsheet software. They can process up to 10,000 lines of data.


Ofrecemos las mismas hojas de cálculo en español.  La primera es para los IAPM 1000-4000 y contiene Macros y nececita un PC con Excel para funcionar. Puede procesar 40,000 lineas de información.
La segunda es para los IAPM 5000 y contiene Macros y nececita un PC con Excel para funcionar.
El siguiente es la hoja de cálculo para los IAPM 1000-4000 Macro-free y se puede usar con Mac o Linux. Puede procesar 10,000 lineas de información.